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Selected text pertaining to Indians
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Council of Colonial Virginia

Vol. I

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Volume I, Page 104

Att a Councell held at James Citty Aprill 26'th 1689


Natth'll Bacon Esq'r President

Nich'o Spencer Esq'r Sec.
Coll William Cole
Coll Jn'o Custis
Coll Jn'o Page
Coll Jn'o Armestead

Coll W'm Byrd
Ralph X'to Wormeley
Coll Jn'o Lear
Coll Isaac Allerton
Coll Rich: Lee

      Whereas divers wicked and ill disposed persons of the Counties of
Stafford and Rapp'a laying hold of some falce and Extravigant reports
of the unsetledness of affaires, Contrived and designed to make use
therefore to the advantage of their mischevious purposes, having by a
pretended Examination of an Indyan saying that the Papists had hired
the Indyans to assist them to Cutt of all the Protestants of this His
Majesties Colony and Dominion of Virg'a, as also of Maryland, and
having noised it abroad that tenn thousand Seneca Indyans together
with Nine thousand Nanticoaks, were all Landed & Joyning their
Forces with an Imediat purpose of distroying all the Protestant In-
habitants of Virgá and Mary Land, and haveing by their fallce Al-
larums terrified and affrighted the Inhabitants with their mischevious
Contrivances and Imaginations, even to the forceing diverse familyes
to the deserting of their Houses, and having endeavoured to possess
many of the Inhabitants of this Colony that all his Majesties Councell
of this Colony, & most of the Cheife Magestrates of each County were
Papists, (tho certainly knowne to be none Such) and that they con-
spired in the designe of Joyneing with the Indians, to Cutt of the
Protestants, which reports & rumors tooke soe great possession of many
the Inhabitants of this Country, that with the great Care and dili-
gence that could be used the Peace of the Country & welfare therefore
in Rapp'a County, having drawn themselves into parties with force of
Arms to Rob, Plunder and pillage many the good & Loyall Subjects
the Inhabitants of Virginia and Maryland, and to Stirr up and Carry
on a Rebellion in both Colony's, and forasmuch as John Waugh Clerke
is reported to have been very Instrumentall, in possessing the People
with those Imaginary Fears and to Stir up the Inhabitants against the
Peace & quiett of the Government, and Burr Harrison and John West
being Suspected to be the first Contrivers & designers of all those falce
and Evill reports, and having dispersed abroad the pretended Examin-
ation of the Indyan, and that before the Examination was sayd to be
taken, with aggravation of Fearfull Events if not timely prevented, and
endeavoured what in them lay to stir up a Rebellion in unsetled
times, all which being duely Considered, as also the ruinous Conse-
quencies that Such evill and Wicked practices & Contrivancies might
have brought upon their poore Country, if by Prudent Care and good
Conduct it had not been timely prevented, It is therefore the Opinion
of this Councell, and accordingly Ordered, that Jn'o Waugh Clk Bur
Harrison and Jn'o West be by an Order of this Board taken into Custody
of the Sheriffe of Stafford County, in order to their being Carried on
board his Majesties Ketch the Deptford, whereof Cap't Thomas Berry
is Comander, that with the better Security they may be removed to
Nominy, there to be Examined by the Hono'ble Nicholas Spencer Esq'r
his Majesties Secretary of this Colony, the Hono'ble Coll Rich: Lee and
Coll Isaac Allerton three of his Majesties Councell . . .

. . .

Volume I, Page 111

May 1st 1690


Natth'll Bacon Esq'r Presid't

William Cole Esq're Sec.
Coll Richard Lee
Coll John Page

Coll William Byrd
Coll John Lear
Coll Isaac Allerton

Coll John Armestead

      This Board having received advice from New Yorke, and Mary-
land, that divers barbarous Murthers, have lately been perpetrated,
by the French, and Indyans near Fort Albany, in the Government of
New Yorke, and it being much feared that the French, and Canada
Indyans, will make some Attempts on the head of Potomack River,
or other Frontiers of this their Majesties Country; Now to the End
the Inhabitants may stand upon their Guards, and be in a readiness to
resist, and repell any Attempts, that may be made, by their Majesties
and Our Enemies. It is by this Board Ord'r'd, that the respective Co-
mand'rs in Cheife, within this their Majesties Country, doe forthwith
issue their Ord'rs, to all the Officers under their Comand, to cause their
Souldiers to be in a readiness upon all Occasions, and have their Armes
well fixed, and perticulerly that the Comand'rs in Cheife of all the Fron-
tier Counties, doe forthwith issue their Ord'rs to the Severall Comanders
under them, forthwith to give Notice to all the Inhabitants, to stand
on their Guards, and be very Vigilent, that they be not Surprized, by
Our barbarous Enemyes, and that upon the least Notice, of the Ap-
proach of any Forraigne Indyans, or French, they Imediately Send to
the next adjacent Forraigne Indyans, or French, they Imediately Send to
under his Comand, and to give Notice to the other Offic'rs of that
County, who are alsoe to raise the Souldiers under them, to resist or
repell, any of Our said Enemies, and the said Offic'r of Offic'rs and [are]
to give Speedy notice to the Command'r in Cheife of that County, and
to follow such Ord'rs, and Commands as they shall receive from him, and
in case there be occasion for any Assistance the Comander in Chiefe,
is to raise soe many of the Militia of the Adjacent Counties, as he shall
think fitt, and cause them to march to the assistance, where occasion
shall be, and the said Comander in Cheife of the said Counties forth-
with to give an account of the same, to the Gov'r or Comander in Chiefe
of the Country for the time being, and observe Such Ord'rs and Comands
as he shall receive from him. And the like Order and Methods are to
be taken and observed by the Comand'rs and Offic'rs, lying at the
Mouths of the Rivers, in case any Enemye shall come by Sea, and that
M'r Presid't accordingly issue forth Warrants, to the Respective Co-
mand'rs in Cheife;

Vera cop Test

William Cole Sec

. . .

Volume I, Page 117 - 118

At a Gen'll Court held at Jame Citty June 4th 1690:


The R't Hono'ble Francis Nicholson Esq're
their Ma'ties L't Gov'r
Nath'll Bacon Esq're
William Cole Esq're Sec
Ralph Wormeley Esq're
Coll Richard Lee
Coll John Custis
Coll John Page
Coll William Byrd
Coll C'r Wormeley
Coll Isaac Allerton
Coll John Armestead

      . . .

     This Board having received Information from New Yorke, that
Divers barbarous Murd'rs and Spoyles, have been Committed by the
French, and Canada Indyans within that Government, and that the
five nations of Northern Indyans, have or doe intend to Send to Our
Neighbour Indyans, to perswade them away with them, which will be
of Dangerous Consequence, to the Peace of this their Majesties Do-
minion, for prevention whereof, It is Ordered by this Board, that the
Severall Interpret'rs doe forthwith goe to the Severall Nations of Neigh-
bouring Indyans, and acquaint them, that if any Forreigne Indyans
come to them, and require them to goe with them, they informe them,
they are under the Protection of this Gov'rnment, and that they can do
noething therein, but repaire with the said Indyans, to the next Militia
Officer, who is to acquaint those Forreign Indyans, that the said
Indyans, are under the Protection of this Government, and that they
are not to goe, without the L't Gov'rs leave, and it is also Ordered, that
the Indyans be by the Interpret'rs Ordrd, to be very Vigilent, to finde
out the Approach of any Forreigne Indyans and if they shall discover
any, that they forthwith give Notice thereof, to the next Militia Officer,
and that the Intepret'rs also acquaint the Indyans, that if any For-
reigne Indyans shall make any Attempt upon them, and they appre-
hend any Danger, that they may Send in their Women & Children to
the English, who will take care of them, and that the English will
Joyne with them, to Protect them from their Enemies.

     The L't Gov'r desireing the Opinion of this Board, whether it would
be for their Maj'ties Service, if he should goe to the heads of the Great
Rivers, to See if what Condition the Inhabitants thereof are, for the
defence of this their Majesties Colony, In which the Councill Consid-
ering, the Several Murd'rs and Spoyles, lately Commited by the
French, and Canada Indyans, upon the Inhabitants of New England,
and New Yorke, as appeares by Letters from thence, and not knowing
but they may Attempt some Mischeife, on the heads of the Rivers of
this Government, are of Opinion, that if his Hon'r doe the Same, It
will be for their Majesties Service, and the Great Satisfaction, and En-
couragement of the Inhabitants of this their Dominion.

. . .

Volume I, Page 122

Att a Councill held at James Citty July 24'th 1690


The R't Hono'ble Fra: Nicholson Esq're
their Maj'ties L't Gov'r

Nath'll Bacon Esq're
W'm Cole Esq're Sec:
Coll John Page

Coll William Byrd
Coll Jn'o Lear
Coll C'r Wormeley
Coll John Armestead

      . . .

     Whereas by an Ord'r of Councill dated May 3'd 1688 It was humbly
represented to his late Maj'ty King James the Second, that as it would
be a great Satisfaction his Majesties Subjects, and make a good ad-
dition to the Revenue of Quitrents of this Colony, to be admitted to
Survey and Seate the uninhabited parts of this Country, alwaies re-
serving and Continueing to the Indyans such Quantityes of Land as
they shall declare themselves Satisfied with, both in Pomunky Neck
and the Southside of the blackwater, and this Board never having re-
ceived any answere, doe appoint Mr. Secretary Cole to Signifye the
Same to His Ex'cy Francis Lord Howard Baron of Effingham their
Maj'ties L't & Gov'r Gen'll of this Colony, and that it is the request of
this Board, that His Ex'cy will humbly Supplicate their Majesties to
give Liberty to take up and Seate the said Lands, reserveing to the
Remnant of Indyans now left, such Lands as shall be Convenient for

. . .

Volume I, Page 126

July 26,1690

Present as before

 . . . Also that he [the Survey'r Generalls Deputy] make Diligent Enquiry
what Survey'rs have Contrary to Law or Ord'rs of Councill Sur-
veyed Lands in Pomunky Neck, or the Southside of the Main black-
water Swamp.

. . .

Volume I, Page 129

Octob'r the 21st 1690


The R't Hono'ble the L't Gov'r
Nathaniell Bacon Esq're
W'm Cole Esq're Sec:
Ralph Wormeley Esq're
Coll Rich: Lee
Coll Jn'o Custis

Coll John Page
Coll W'm Byrd
Coll Jn'o Lear
Coll X'to Wormeley
Coll Isaac Allerton

Coll John Armistead

      The L't Gov'r acquainting this Board of the Return of Coll Potter
from New Yorke and New Engl'd and with the account he brings, and
of the acc't his Hono'r had received by Severall Lett'rs of the Great
troubles and dangers the inhabitants of New York and New England
had, and werein by the many depredations and Murthers Comitted
by Our Barbarous Enemies the French and Indians, and having also re-
ceived Informacon from M'r Nehemiah Blackstone who Calls himselfe
Presid't of the Commitee for their Ma's Province of Maryland, that there
were diverse strange Indians at the head of Potomack, and that there
were some of the Piscattaway Indians killed, and Cap't Peale and Cap't
Mason being Ordered to Range at the head ot Potomack to make dis-
covery of the same, and not findeing that there were any Indians or
tract [track] of Indians to be found they went to Piscataway Indian
Towne, and discourseing with the Emperor of the Indyans, he declared
he knew of noe strange Indyans, nor had any of his Indians [been]
killed, this Board Notwithstanding to prevent any Surprize or Attempts
that may be endeavoured to be made by Our Barbarous Enemies or
the Frontiers of this their Ma's Dominion, It is thought fitt & Ordered
that the Comand'rs in Cheife of the Forces at the heads of all the Rivers,
doe Order the Inhabitants to Continue their Dilligence in being very
watchfull that they be not Surprized by any of our enemies, and that
they Cause the Former Ord'rs of this Board for the Securing the Fron-
tiers to be Carefully pursued and as they See Occasion to Order the
Inhabitants to Range to make discovery if there be any Tracts of
Indians, and to Ord'r all their Officers to acquaint the Inhabitants
and the Interpret'rs to acquaint the Indians, that if they bring any In-
telligence of Our Indian Enemies and it prove true they shall be well
rewarded for their Intelligence, but if any person shall publish any
falce News of Allarum the Country and it shall soe appeare they shall
be punished according to Law, & Coll Lee and Coll Allerton or either
of them are desired to Open any publique Letters that shall come from
the Northward, and if they see occasion to Send them to the Lt Gov'r.

. . .

Volume I, Page 135

Octob'r 24th 1690

Present as before

     This Board having received information that Severall persons have
purchased and taken Leave of the Chickohominy Indians of the Land
appointed them to live on in Pamunky Neck by Ord'r of Assembly in
A'o 1660 Contrary to the true Intent and meaneing of the said Ord'r of
Assembly and have, and building thereon, which unless a timely
Stoppe be put thereto, may in a Short time prove of Dangerous Con-
sequence to the Peace and quiet of the Country, And it being con-
trary to Law that the said Chichominy Indians (or any others) should
Sell Leave or Exchange their Lands, all the said Leases, Sales and Ex-
changes made by the said Indians with any person whatsoever are
hereby declared void, and to deter any person or person who have
built on the s'd Land or any part thereof, It is Ordrd that they forth-
with remove their Stocks & what Else they have on the said Land, and
Cause all the Houses built within three yeares or now a building to be
burnt by the last day of Jan'ry next, which if any person shall faile to
performe, It is Ordrd that the Sherriffe of New Kenty County Caused
[cause] the said Houses to be Imediately burnt after Such failure, and
that the person faileing pay the Charge thereof, And it is Ordrd that
this Order be published at the next Court to be held for New Kent
County, and in the Respective Churches of the said County.

     Cap't Mathew Page with others his Neighbours having according
to any ord'r of Councill dated July 26th 1690 Examined what quantity
of Land George Pargitor had bought of the Pamunky Indians in Pa-
munky Neck, and what Houses he had built thereof, and makeing re-
port that the said Pargitor held about twelve hundred acres of Land,
which he purchased of the Pamunky Indyans (as it is said) and that
he had built a forty foot tob'o house on the Same, and kept two hands
there, all which being Contrary to Law it is Ordrd that the said Par-
gitor forthwith Cause the said House to be burnt, and his purchase is
hereby declared void, and it is further Ordered tha tthe Sherrifee of
New Kent County Serve the said Pargitor with this Ord'r, and that the
Court of the said County of New Kent doe make Enquiry what per-
sons are Seated on any Land in their County Contrary to Act of
Assembly or Order of this Board, how long they have been Seated on
the Same, and the Number of Tithables in every of their Familyes,
and return a report of their proceeding to M'r Secretaries Office.

     This Board being made acquantined that diverse persons Contrary
to Law have obtained Pattents for Land on the Southside of the Main
black Water Swamp (the bounds between the English and Indians)
by Subtile and Craftsy Contrivances and devices used with some Sur-
vey'rs, and that others have taken Leases of the Indians for Severall
Q uantities of Land, and are dayly building, Seating the Same, all
which being Contrary to Act of Asembly, and tending to the Endan-
gering the Peace and quiet of this their Ma's Country, and the lives of
those persons who soe unadvisedly Run themselves into Great Danger
by Seating at Great distance one from another, are thereby at the
Mercy of the Indians, a people of noe Faith nor Creditt, who at their
Pleasure may Cutt off a Family, and pretend it to be done by Strange
Murderers who parhapps at the same time may be with them in serch
unsuspected, and Expect to be paid for their Service. Now to the End
that all due Care may be had of the lives of their Ma's Subjects, and
the Peace and Quiett of this their Ma's Country and that the Indians
may not have just reason to Complaine of being Cheated of their
Lands Contrary to the Articles of Peace Agreed & Concluded with
them, All the Pattents for Lands, Surveys, or Leases taken of the In-
dians for Lands on the Southside the Main black Water Swamp, are
hereby declared Void to all Intents and purposes whatsoever as if
Such Pattent had never been obtained, Survey made, or Lease taken
And it is Orded that none of the Inhabitants of this Colony, or Others
their Majesties Subjects comeing hither doe presume to goe over the
Main black Water Swamp to live, And to the End that those already
there may not Continue, but endeavour to provide themselves with
places to live in within the bounds ascertained to the English, It is
also Ordrd that they Neither build any house, nor repair nor Finish
those already built or a building, and that they Continue noe longer
there, then they shall be permitted by further Ord'r of this Board, or
the next Gen'll Assembly,

. . .

Page 139

At a Councill held at Middle plantation December 9th 1690


The R't Hono'ble Francis Nicholson Esq're
their Ma's Lieu't Gov'r
Nath'll Bacon Esq're William Cole Esq'r Sec'y
Coll John Page

         His Hono'r the Lieu't Gov'r acquainting this Board, that he had
received an account by Letters from New England that the French at
Caniday had beate the Forces sent against them from New England
and forced them to return, and the same being Confirmed by a Master
of a New England Vessell now present, It is though fitt and accord-
ingly Ordered that the Councill meete at James Citty the 12th day of
Jan'y next to Consult and advise the best and most securest way to
preserve this their Ma's Colony and Dominion of Virg'a and the Inhabit-
ants therefore from any Attempts that may be made either by the
French (or Indians) which in all likelyhood they will indeavour being
couraged by their success against the New England Men, And his
Hono'r the Lieu't Gov'r is desired to write to all the Gent'n of the Councill
who are not now present, not to faile meeting at the time aforesaid, it
being for their Ma's Especial Service, and the preservation of this their
Ma's Dominion . . .

. . .

Pages 140 - 141

At a Councill held at James Citty

Jan'ry 15'th 1690 [1690-91]


The R't Hono'ble Francis Nicholson Es'r Lt Gov'r

Nathaniell Bacon Esq're
William Cole Esq're Sec'ry

Coll Rich'd Lee
Coll John Page

     The Lieu't Gov'r acquainting this Board that by Severall Lett'rs
from Gentlemen in New England, and by the Examinacons of Severall
Masters of Vessells comeing from thence, and some persons that were
actually in the Expedition made by the New England Men to Caniday,
His Hono'r understood that the Shipps and Force Sent thither were re-
turned having not taken the Place or done any damage there, some of
the Shipps and Vessells wanting and Many of the Men Dead in the
Voyage. This Board takeing the same into their Serious Considera-
tions and that the Forces that were raysed from Connecticutt and
New Yorke to goe against Caniday had likewise returned without
doing anything of Moment on our Enemies the French or Indians and
having taken the Examinacon and depositions of severall persons that
came from New England, some of which were at Caniday, and having
also an account that it was much feared the French and Indians would
make an Attempt upon Fort Albany in their Ma's Province of New
Yorke, and that by the distractions amongst them there, they not be-
ing in a Condition to Assist the Severall Nations of Indians who have
been all along at Peace with them, and Indeeds are one of the Great
Bullwarks betweene their Majesties subjects in New Yorke and in these
parts, and the French, to whom (by reason of the distractions at New
Yorke) this Government cannot Send to Encourage their opposeing
the French and Indian Enemies, and Continueing the Peace with us
made by His Ex'cy Francis Lord Howard of Effingham their Ma's L't
and Gov'r Gen'll of Virg'a, the said Nations may be perswaded or in-
forced to Joyne with the French and Indians, which would prove
of very fatall Consequence to the Peace and Security of this their Ma's
Dominion, and Indeede all these parts of America, And takeing into
C onsideration that all the Neighbouring Colonies of New England
New Yorke and Maryland are in Confusion and have noe Gov'rs ap-
pointed by their Sacred Ma's nor can this Government procure from
them a Just or true account how affaires stand with them, nor what
Methods they Intend to take to Secure their Ma's Country against the
Enemies, that soe wee might be the better Capable to take Measures
to Secure this Country, And having alsoe been informed that the In-
habitants of Pensilvania have given out that if the French or Indians
come against them they would goe out and Meet them without Armes,
and acquaint them they had no quarrell with them, nor would not
fight which if any Such thing should happen would be of dangerous
Consequence, for that thereby they may be furnished with provisions
and a place of Retreate after Mischief done, It is therefore Ordered
that true Copies of the Examinations and depositions here taken Con-
cerning the State of New England New Yorke, Pensilvania, and the
Caniday Expedition be Sent to the R't Hono'ble the Lords Comittee for
Plantations, the R't Hono'ble their Ma's Principall Secretary of State,
and His Ex'cy the Lord Effingham their Ma's Lieu't & Gov'r Gen'll of this
Country, and doe most humbly beseech their Lordshipps to move his
most Sacred Ma'ty with the same, and wee are in great hopes and Ex-
pectation that his Ma'ty out of his Grace and favour to the Inhabitants
of those our Neighbouring Countrys that they may have a Settlement
and be under some Security will settle Gov'rs there as in his Princely
Wisdome he shall think fitt, which will be a Great Satisfaction and
Security to their Ma's Subjects here, that soe all the Gov'rnm'ts may
Joyne together to Secure these their Ma's Countryes against their Ma's
and our Enemyes.

. . .

Volume 1, Pages 146-147

Att a Councill held at Yorke Court house
Jan'r'y 26'th 1690 [1690-91]


The R't Hono'ble Francis Nicholson Esq'r
their Ma's Lieu't Gov'r
Nath'll Bacon Esq're William Cole Esq're Sec:
Coll John Page

       M'r William Duckingfield an Inhabitant of North Carolina ac-
quainting this Board that about the beginning of this Month Eight or
ten of the Kings and Great Men of the Tuskaroro Indians Complained
to him that two of their Indians were wanting, and they Imagined the
English had killed them, but a Maherin Indian being present told them
that Dan'll Push of Nansimond County in this Government had Sent
them to Barbados, on which they threatened Revenge, but on his the
said Duckingfields informing them, that would Cause the English to
make Warr against them, and it would be better for them to goe to
the Gov'r of this Place and be would inquire into it and doe them Jus-
tice, they Seemed Satisfied therewith and said they would goe to the
Gov'r when the Weather was Warmer, and the said Duckingfield fur-
ther declaring that being at Nansimond he was Credibly Informed that
said Pugh had Sent four of the Tuskaroro Indians out of this Country,
two in one Prout to Barbados, and two in one Tyler to one of the other
Islands on Consideration whereof Coll John Lear is desired to inquire
into the same, and take the Examinations and depositions of Such per-
sons as are knowing therein, and return them to the Councill at James
Citty the 18'th Feb'r'y next, and that he ord'r the said Push to make his
personall appearance at the said Councill.

. . .

Volume 1, Page 153

By y'e R't Hon'ble y'e L't Govern'r

A Proclamacon

     Whereas y'e Act of Assembly made y'e 8'th of June 1680, which
Licenses a free trade with y'e Indians is expired and y'e former Laws
prohibiting y'e Same are in Force, and my self and y'e Councill takeing
into Serious consideracon that y'e going forther of persons to trade with
y'e Indians in these times of warr, may prove of very dangerous con-
sequence and be a means of Involving this their Maj'ties Country in
great trouble.

     Now Know'e yee that I Francis Nicholson Esq'r their Maj'ties Gov-
ern'r of this their Maj'ties Dominion by and with y'e advice of y'e Coun-
cill of State in their Maj'ties names Strictly charge and Comand that
no person or persons shall from henceforth Send or go without y'e In-
habitants to trade a [or] truck with any Indian or Indians Nor shall
any person or persons whatsoever furnish ot Sell to any Indian or
Indians any guns powder or shott except onely such quantity of pow-
der and shot to our neighbo'r'ing Indians as by Law is provided, under
y'e paines and penalties by Law imposed, and of being taken and prose-
cuted as contemners of their Maj'ties Country, and y'e Inhabitants
thereof Nor shall any person or persons from henceforth presume to
go without y'e Inhabitants to hunt till further ord'r.

    . . .

Annoque Dom 1690
To y'e Sheriff of ..........................                           Sign'd Fr Nicholson
County or his Deputy

God save y'e King & Queen

. . .

Volume 1, Page 157 - 158

At a Councill held at James Citty Feb'ry 19'th 1690 [1690-91]


The R't Hono'ble Francis Nicholson Esq're,
their Ma's Lieu't Gov'r
Nath'll Bacon Esq're
William Cole Es're Sec'r
Col John Page
Coll William Byrd
Coll Jn'o Lear
Col C'r Wormeley
Coll John Armistead

         Thomas Tyler Master of the Brigantine Swallow of Barbados
having been Sumoned to give an account how he came by two Indians
he carried out of this Country, this last yeare, and now produceing a
bill of Lading Signed to Dan'll Pugh of Nansimond County for the said
Indians, and the said Pughs Instructions for the disposall of them, and
the said Pugh having absconded himselfe that he could not be Sumoned
to appeare at this Board according to the Ord'r of the last Council,
and the Sherriffe of Nansimond County having left a Sumons at the
said Pughs House requireing his appearance, but he not appearing It
is Ord'r'd that the Sherriffe of Nansimond County take the said Pugh
into his Custody and there keepe him till he Enter into bond with good
Security for this appearance at James Citty before the R't Hono'ble the
L't Gov'r and Councill the fourth day of the next Gen'll Court, then and
there to answere what shall be objected against him on their Ma's be-

. . .

Volume 1, Page 160

Att a Councill held at James Citty Feb'ry 20'th 1690 [1690-91]


The R't Hono'ble Francis Nicholson Esq're,
their Ma's Lieu't Gov'r
Nath'll Bacon Esq're
William Cole Esq're Sec'r
Coll John Page

Coll William Byrd
Coll Jn'o Lear
Coll C'r Wormeley

Coll John Armistead

       Whereas at a Councill held at James Citty Jan'ry 15'th 1690 in an Ord'r appointing Rangers & c. It is Ord'r'd that upon the least notice of the Approach of any Forreign Indians or French, the Rangers ime-
diately send to the next Militia Officer, who is forthwith to raise the
Militia under his Comand, and to give Notice to the other Offic'rs of
that County, who are all to rayse the Soldiers under them to resist or
repell any of Our said Enemies, and the said Officer or Officers are to
give Speedy Notice to the Comander in Chief of that County and to
follow such Ord'rs and Comands as they shall receive from him and in
case there be occasion for any assistance the Comander in Chiefe is to
raise soe many of the Militia of the Adjacent Counties as he shall
think fitt

. . .

    This Board having been Informed that the Inhabitants of Pen-
silvania declare that if the French or Indians come against them, they
will acquaint them they have noe Quarrell with them nor will not
fight, whereby if either of those Enemies shall goe thither, they will
not onely be supplyed with provisions, but a place of retreat after Mis-
chief done, which may prove of dangerous Consequence to the Peace
and safety of this and all other their Ma's Plantations in these Parts, And
it being Considered that at the frequent Meeting of the Quakers in
severall places in this Colony of their own appointing, without ever
acquainting the Government of the same, or doeing what is required
by an Act of Parliam't made in the first yeare of the Reign of Our Sov-
ereign Lord & Lady William and Mary by the Grace of God King and
Queen of England Scotland France and Ireland & c

. . .

. . .

Volume 1, Page 164

Att a Councill held at James Citty
March the 7'th 1690 [1690-91]


The R't Hono'ble Francis Nicholson Esq're Lieu't Gov'r
William Cole Esq're Sec'ry William Byrd Esq're
C'r Wormeley Esq're

. . .

       His Most Sacred Ma'ty having been Graciously please by his In-
structions to direct that there be a Free Trade with the Native Indians,
His Hono'r the Lieu't Gov'r proposed whether the Proclamation relateing
to the Indian Trade lately sett forth by Order of Councill should be
declared Void or Not, On Consideration whereof, It is the Opinion of
this Board that the same and Severall other things in their Ma's In-
structions relateing to the Assembly be refferred to the Consideration
of a full Councill at the next Meeting of the Councill.

     On Consideration of the Great want of Powder and Shott in this
Country for the defence thereof, as also that by late Proclamation all
persons are forbidden selling any to the Indians, unless small quanti-
ties to our Neighbouring Indians.

. . .

Volume 1, Page 182

May the 18th 1691

Present as before and Edwd Hill Esq'r

     Thomas Blunt is appointed Interpret'r to the Indians on the South-
side of James River, David Whitley to the Indians at the head of Rapp'a
River, and W'm Stone to the Indians on the head of Yorke River and
his Hono'r the Lieu't Gov'r is desired to Grant them Commissions ac-

. . .

Volume 1, Page 190

Att a Councill held at James Citty July y'e 30th 1691


The R't Hono'ble Francis Nicholson Esq're
Lieu't Gov'r
William Cole Esq're Sec.
Ralph Wormeley Esq're
John Custis Esq're
W illiam Byrd Esq're
C'r Wormeley Esq're
Edw'd Hill Esq're
Henry Whiteing Esq're
Edm'd Jennings Esq're

     His Hono'r the Lieu't Gov'r having reced from his Ex'cr Coll
Sloughter their Ma's Gov'r of New Yorke & c, a Letter with an Order
of Coucill of that Place and Copies of Agreements made by them
with the Maquaes, Oneydes, Omondages, Cayouges, Sinickees,
Schackhooke, [Schaghitcocke] River Indians, and the praying Indians
of the three Tribes or Races of the Maquaes, the Examinations of
Severall Indians, Copies of Letters from M'r Livingston, M'r Wessells
and M'r Glenn, and also having received Letters from the Hono'ble
Frederick Phillips, Nich'o Bayard, Silv. Courtland [Stephanus Van
Cortlandt] W'm Smith and William Nicholls Esq're and James Graham
Esq're Caused them all to be read.

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