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Selected text pertaining to Indians
Pages 500-599



Council of Colonial Virginia

Vol. I

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Volume I, Page 500, [Appendix]

[1684, Lord Howard]

     19th June   Issues another proclamation declaring his Design to
take a Journey to new York to make a peace with the Northern Indians
and that the administration of the Government was to be in the Coun-
cil and the first first Named who was Nathaniel Bacon to be president
according to the Kings Instructions.

. . .

Volume I, Page 503 [Appendix]

     30 July 1684. Lord Howard speaks to the five Nations at Albany
acquaints them that about ____ Years before they had made a treaty
with the Agents of Virginia Col'o W'm Kendall and Col'o Southy Little-
ton which they had broke a Peace concluded.

. . .

Volume I, Page 506 [Appendix]

The 2'd day of November 1684

     . . .

     The Council of Maryland demand Col'o Talbot of the Lord Effing-
ham November 5'th 1685 Lord Howard Orders the Militia to be ready
against the Indians. 1684

     . . .

     Colo' Byrd sent to ratifie the peace made by the Lord Howard with
the Northern Indians

Page 508, same date as above.

    Lord Howard Communicates a Letter from his Majestry Signify-
ing his pleasure that the Indian Tribute be accounted for The Council
answer that the Same hath always hitherto been a Perquisite of the
Governor and was so settled by the Articles of Peace and pray the same
be continued to his Lordship.

. . .

Volume I, Page 517 [Appendix]

October 26, 1687

[Instruction # 29th]

     29th    And whereas you have already made an Agreement be-
tween the Indians of Virginia and those of New York we do hereby ap-
prove the same and do charge and require you as much as in you lies
that the same Agreement be punctually Observed as conducing to the
Welfare of our Colony and your Government.

. . .

Page 518 (same as above)

     35     And if anything shall happen that may be of advantage to
our said Colony which is not herein and by our Commission provided
of Our Will and Pleasure is & we do hereby allow unto you with the
advice and consent of our Coucill to take Order for the present therein
Given [ing] us by one of our Principal Secretaries of State and to the
Lords of the Pirvy Council appointed a Committee for Trader and For-
reign Plantations speedy notice thereof that so you may receive our Rat-
ification if we shall approve the same Providd always and our Will and
Pleasure is that you do not by Colour of any Power or Authority hereby
given you commence or declare War without our knowledge or com-
mand therein Except it be against Indians upon Emergencies wherein
the consent of our Council shall he had & speedy Notice thereof given
unto us.

. . .

Volume I, Page 518 [Appendix]

     May 3, 1688   Several of the 5 Nations taken prisoners by the
French at Canada anded by King James 2 they having Submitted to
his Government and thereby become Subjects.

Volume I, Page 519 [Appendix]

April 20, 1689

     . . .

     John Waugh Clerk, Ben Harrison and John West order'd to be taken
into Custody by the Sherif of Stafford and conveyed on board the
King's Ketch the Deptford Cap't Berry Com'r that they may with better
Security be removed to Nominy there to be Examin'd by Secretary
Spencer and Rich'd Lee Esq'r touching a Commotion raised by them
and Spreading abroad a Rumour that the Papists and Indians had
made a plot to cut the throats of the Protestants and if they found
Cause to transport them to Northampton, or otherwise to take Bond
for their Appearance on the 4th day of the next General Court And
George Mason being suspected to have countenanced these Factious
reports turn'd out of the Commission of Peace and removed from his
command of the Militia. Other people take Arms in the upper parts
of Rappahannock on account of the same plot to defend themselves
against Indians and Papists and 3 of the Council dispatched to take
them and Examine them. A Committee of 3 Councellors appoint
to meet in Cases requiring a speedy Meeting of the council.

. . .

Volume I, Page 523


     June 5      Robert Thomas Ordered to be taken into Custody till
he give Bond not to trade or have any Correspondence with the Indians.

     July 25     The Governor supplicates the King and Queen for leave
to seat the uninhabited parts of this Country reserving to the Indians
such proportion of Lands as they shall declare themselves satisfied with

.. . .

Volume I, Page 525

     16 January 1690   Issues a Proclamation prohibiting any person
to go beyond the Inhabitants to trade with Indians the Law licensing
that trade being expired whereby the Laws against were revived and ap-
pointed what places Merchant Ships shall ride according to the Act made 667.

. . .

Volume I, Page 526

28 June 1691

     . . .

   The Government of New York desire a Supply of 150 Men to be
sent there from this Country to assist them against the French, and
Canada Indians upon which the Council order Auditor Byrd to pay
102 lbs. 15 Shillings 9 pence being the Ballance of the Revenue here
for Support of the Government.

. . .

Volume I, Page 533

[Report from the Governeor & Council in 1673 of an attack by the Dutch on the Virginia merchant vessels.]

. . . The Indians, Both which gives men fearfull apprehentions of the danger
they Leave Estates and Famelies in, . . .

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