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Council of Colonial Virginia

Vol. I


Aecokik Indians, letter from Governor
of Maryland in reference to, 367, 369,
370; settlement of, 368.

Appomattox Indians, two of tribe to be
present at confirmation of articles of
peace. 71.

Appomatox River, Indian shoots Eng-
lishman on , 370.


Blackwater, petition to survey and seat
land on southside of, 94; vacant lands
on southside of, 337, 338; Indian in-
terpreters south of, 338; surveyors on
the south side of, 339; and on, 351,
361, 363, 366; entries made on, in-
quired into, 362; lands on, comis-
sioners in reference to, 457.


Byrd (Bird), Col. William; to treat
with the Seneca, 53, 496; . . .
commissioned to ratify articles
of peace with Indians, 71, 72; . . .
empowered to act in case of danger
with Indians, in absence of governor,
262, . . .advice of as to employment of
friendly Indians, 333; . . .sent to ratify
peace with Northern Indians, 506.


Cayuga (Cogouges, Cajouges, Cayou-
ges), Indians, committee appointed
to confirm articles of peace with, 71;
mentioned, 93, 190.

Chickahominy Fort, besieged by Seneca
Indians, 53.

Chickahominy Indians, two of tribe to
be present at confirmation of articles
of peace, 71; leases, sales or exchanges
of land with, declared void, 135; pe-
tition from, 320.


Doeg Indians, mentioned, 216.


Five Nations (Indians), treaty with, 320;
Lord Effingham speaks to, 503; cer-
tain of, taken prisoners by the French,


Indians, opinion of Council in reference
to presents sent to, by commissioners,
4; motion to appoint officers to raise
men to repel attacks of, 7, 9; trans-
portation expenses of, not to be paid
by Colony, 40; ways of defending
Colony against attacks of, considered,
52, 139; committee appointed to con-
firm articles of peace with, 71; New
York asks for help in defense against
attacks by, 93, 259; rumors of con-
spiracy of, investigated, 104; instruc-
tions given for repelling attacks by,
111, 448; report concerning hostile,
117, 118, 129; leases, sales or ex-
changes of land with, declared void,
135, 136; copy of depositions con-
cerning expedition against, sent to
England, 140; trading with, prohibi-
ted 153; four, captured and sent
out of country, 147; transported by
Daniel Pugh, 158; rangers appointed
to protect Colony against, 160; free
trade with, proposed, 164; interpre-
ters appointed for, 182; kept without
license, 202; commissions to interpre-
ters for, 203; six arrested, 206; dam-
age done by, to be paid for, 216; to be
punished for circulating false reports,
217; requested to give notice of in-
tention to visit Colony, 230; requested
to carry passes, 253; complain about
lack of assistance from colonies, 259;
justices of peace of New Kent County
give information concerning, 266; act
for free trade with, 279; petition in
reference to an order of General Court
and Council relating to their lands,
284; murder committed by, 315, 347,
370, 375, 456, ; in fear of foreign Indians,
322; mentioned, 332; seen at the head
of James River, 333; assistance to
New York against, 336, 340, 526; ask
assistance against French, 338; num-
ber of and possessions of in Pamunkey
Neck and south of the Blackwater,
338; interpreters for, to attend the
Council, 338; returned to Virginia
by the governor of Maryland, 342;
letter from governor of Maryland
in reference to, 367, 369, 370; on
southside Potomac River, 368; set-
tled in Virginia, 369; coming from
Maryland into Stafford County, in-
formation in reference to, 371, 372;
woman and three childred, wounded
by Indians, 372; land belong to, 373;
in Stafford County, discharged, 374;
letters in reference to, from governor
of Mary land, 374; proposed meeting of
agents of Marlyland with Indians in,
375; trade with, 409, 459, 488;
to pay tribute, 415; Northern, incur-
sions of, 497; Northern, peace to be
made with, 500, 506; militia ordered
to be ready for, 506, tribute from, to
be accounted for, 508; of Virginia and
New York, agreement between, 517;
declarition of war with, by governor
in Virginia, 518, rumor as to plot made
by 519; lands to be reserved for, 523;
Robert Thomas ordered not to trade
with, 523; trade with, regulated, 525;
apprehensions raised by, 533. See
also: Cayuga; Doeg; Five Nations;
Chickahominy; Mohawk; Mattapony:
Nottoway; Meherrin; Nansiattico;
Onandaga; Oneida; Pamunkey; Pis-
cataway; Rappahannock; Schaghti-
coke River; Senaca and Wiccomico


Mattapony [Mattaponi] Indians, town of, taken by
Seneca Indians, 53.

Meherin [Meherrin] Indians, complaint against, 83.

Mohawk (Maquas, Maquae) Indians
committee appointed to confirm ar-
ticles of peace with, 71; mentioned, 93,
190; ask assistance, 338.


Nanticoke Indians, rumors of a con-
spiracy of, investigated, 104.

Nanzaticco Indians, one of the tribe ac-
cused of murder, 13; union of Rappa-
hannock and Nanzattico Indians pro-
posed, 54; two of tribe to be present
at confirmation of articles of peace, 71;
to pay for damages done by other in-
dians, 216.

Nottoway Indians, under suspicion, 12;
complaint against, 439.


Onandaga (Omondages, Onnondago, O-
nondagne) Indians, committee ap-
pointed to confirm articles of peace
with, 71; mentioned, 93, 190.

Oneida (Oneyde) Indians, mentioned,
93, 190.


Pamunkey Indians, queen of, mentioned,
4; two of tribe to be present at con-
firmation of articles of peace, 71;
death of queen of, announced, 79; dis-
appearance of several, investigated,
79; leases or sales of land by, declared
void, 136.

Pamunkey Neck, petition in reference
to surveying and seating part of land
in, 94; mentioned, 122, 126, 440; rep-
resentation in reference to surveying
lands in, 281; land in, not surveyed,
284; land in, given to William and
Mary College, 304, 311; tract of land
in, asked for by Indians, 320; Indian
interpreters in, 338; surveyors of, 339;
land in, 337, 338, 343, 351, 357, 363,
373, 411, 457, 458, 466, 467; claims to
land in, to be exhibited before first
day of the next General Court, 446;
commissions in reference to land in,
457; commissioners to settle land
claims in, 458; Seneca Indians in, 496.

Piscataway Indians, letter from governor
of Maryland, in reference to, 367, 369,
370; settlement of, 368; settled in
Virginia, 369; come from Maryland
and make settlement south of Potomac
River, 372.


Rappahanock Indians, union of Nan-
zaticco and Rappahannock Indians
proposed, 54.


Schaghticoke River Indians, mentioned,

Senaca Indians, provisions made for de-
fending Colony against invasions of,
52, 53, 54; committee appointed to
confirm articles of peace with, 71;
mentioned, 93, 190; rumors of a con-
spiracy of, investigated, 104; settled
in Virginia, 369; Council to consult
about, 496.


Tuscarora Indians, four captured and
sent out of Colony, 147.


Wiccomico (Wickomocco) Indians, pe-
tition of, 284.


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