Best Antelope Canyon Tour

Antelope Canyon is based in the red-rocked area of Page, Arizona. This canyon is one of the most famous and popular slot canyons in the American southwest, offering beautiful views, incredible geological formations, and rich history. 

The slot canyon was formed from rushing water that flowed over the walls many years ago. The canyon is made up of two separate slot canyons, referred to as Upper Antelope Canyon and Lower Antelope Canyon. 

Best Antelope Canyon Tour

The upper canyon is also known as the crack and the lower is also known as the corkscrew. Both names become obvious choices when you visit these incredible canyons.

You are required to be booked on a tour in order to visit Antelope Canyon but in order to do so, you must decide which part of the canyon you want to visit. In this guide, we give you the necessary information to help you make your choice as well as recommend the best Antelope Canyon tour.

Should You Visit Upper Or Lower Antelope Canyon?

Antelope Canyon is a beautiful place with amazing views. There are two different slot canyons within Antelope Canyon, Upper Antelope Canyon, and Lower Antelope Canyon. Here we look at what makes these two slots so different.

Upper Antelope Canyon

Upper Antelope Canyon is the more popular of the two as it is thought to be more scenic and more photogenic. It is shaped like an upside-down V. This shape makes the bottom of the canyon more spacious than the lower canyon, helping people to feel less claustrophobic. 

Another reason for its popularity is because the high walls offer shade from the blistering Arizona sunshine and the high walls also make this part of the canyon darker and less glaring on the eyes.

To see this part of Antelope Canyon in all of its glory you should arrange to visit between 10:30 am and 1 pm.

One negative associated with Upper Antelope Canyon is that because of its popularity it is the more expensive of the two. 

There are also fewer tours and so they sell out months in advance which can be very frustrating for tourists.

If you want to visit this part of the canyon you will need to arrange your trip a minimum of 6 months in advance to ensure you manage to get a booking of one of the few tours offered. 

Lower Antelope Canyon

Lower Antelope Canyon is the total opposite shape to the upper canyon, it is shaped like a V which means the base of the canyon is very narrow and wide at the top.

The width of the top of the canyon allows for sunshine to pour down into the canyon illuminating the red-colored walls, but for tourists, this heat can sometimes be unbearable and there is little to no shade. 

There are some positives associated with this canyon, not only is it the cheaper choice it is also more fun to visit. From squeezing through narrow openings to climbing ladders you are sure to have fun trekking through the lower canyon. 

This canyon is in fact famous for its ladders, which you descend into the canyon from. You either love them or you hate them but for many, it is a fun memory from their visit. 

There are tours of this canyon available every 30 minutes between 8 am to 4 pm year-round. Even without a booking, you should be able to get a space.

However, this side of the canyon is becoming slightly more popular as people learn of the price differences between the two, as a result, the narrow base of the canyon can become quite crowded.

Best Antelope Canyon Tour

There are many tours offered by different companies. Some offer a smaller group while others offer larger groups. You may choose to book a specific tour or a general tour. 

Antelope Canyon

The admission fee for Antelope Canyon is included as part of your tour. Tours take between 90 minutes and 2 hours. It is recommended to go early in the morning or late afternoon.

Best Antelope Canyon Tour Company: Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours

Antelope Canyon Navajo Tour Company offers the best tours of both the lower and upper parts of Antelope Canyon. This tour company is run by a member of the Begay family, who is the family from the Navajo Tribe that owns the sacred land that Antelope Canyon is in. 

All the tour guides are members of the Navajo Nation and are authorized to give tours of the upper and lower slots of the canyon.

Visitors that go on a tour with the Antelope Canyon Navajo Tours are guaranteed to hear in-depth information related to the Navajo tribe, their way of life, and also a great deal of information regarding Antelope Canyon. 

Antelope Canyon is based in a Navajo Tribal park and so touring these areas with a member of the Navajo Nation is the best way to see the most spectacular spots as well as learn about the history and cultural significance of Antelope Canyon. 

Guides will lead you down the ladders into Lower Antelope Canyon and guide you through narrow spaces and bring you to see the famous falling sand. The guides leading you through the Upper Antelope Canyon will show you stunning scenic spots. 

Regardless of which part of the canyon you wish to see you should book a tour with this renowned tour group. They have a fantastic reputation for providing safe and informative, yet fun, tours. You must book in advance. 

They will give you information regarding what you should wear, what you can expect as well as what you should bring with you, helping you to prepare for your upcoming trip. To visit the booking site click here.

Final Thoughts

If you want to have fun with your family and friends we recommend doing a tour of Lower Antelope Canyon. A tour of this area of Antelope Canyon is sure to give you hundreds of funny memories and happy moments. 

If you are more interested in capturing images of Antelope Canyon than a tour of the Upper Antelope Canyon will allow you to get stunning pictures.

You may struggle to get a moment of stillness due to the canyon’s popularity but by simply looking up you will see the gorgeous light beams bouncing off the top of the canyon walls and the shadows dancing across the lower part of the towering walls.

Whatever tour you decide to do, we know that you will have a great time. Antelope Canyon is an incredible place bursting with history. If you are in town for longer, why not visit both aspects of the canyon to give you a full scope of all this canyon has to offer.