What Are Kachina Dolls?

The Kachina doll is a traditional figurine associated with Native American culture, but what are they, exactly? We’re here to help.

Read on to discover everything there is to know about Kachina dolls, including their history, how they are made, what they symbolize, and much more! 

What Are Kachina Dolls

What are Kachina Dolls?

In a nutshell, Kachina dolls are essentially Native American figure toys that represent different spirits or deities to Native American culture. More often than not, Kachina dolls are usually depicted as dancing around a fire during the night, although this doesn’t always necessarily have to be the case.

Interestingly enough, despite its Native American origins, the name “Kachina” actually comes from the Spanish word that loosely translates to spirit.

In addition to the above, Kachina dolls (which are typically shortened to Kachinas) can also go by the name of Pueblo Indian dolls. However, unlike Kachina dolls which can be made by anyone and are typically depicted as dancing. 

Pueblo Indian dolls are typically handmade by women and children of the family, and this is a tradition that has lasted for many generations. It is also worth noting that both Kachina dolls and Pueblo Indian dolls are often made out of either clay or wood in keeping with the original materials that were used. 

As for their origin? It is widely believed that Kachina dolls originated from the Hopi people, who began to make Kachina dolls to celebrate the arrival of the kachina spirits’ yearly visit to Earth, as well as to teach their children about Native American history and culture. 

During traditional ceremonies, the Kachina dolls that were made would then be given to the Hopi children, so that they would be able to hang them somewhere on their wall. 

As Kachina dolls were initially created to pay respect to different Gods, deities, and supernatural beings. The Kachina dolls that were passed on to these children were not intended for play, but instead to serve as a figurine that the children would be able to honor and pay their respects to.

What Are Kachina Dolls Symbolic Of?

What Do Kachina Dolls Symbolize

Kachinas are considered to be sacred figurines because they are able to symbolize the relationship between humans and nature, and are specifically related to American Indian culture. 

Despite popular belief that Kachina dolls can bring about bad luck, the truth is that Kachina dolls are believed to bring very good luck and prosperity to all that encounter them. This is because the Native Americans believe that once a year during the very start of the winter solstice that lasts until the following July, kachina spirits come down to Earth to visit us. 

During this time that the kachina spirits are on Earth, the Native Americans believe that the kachina spirits’ main purpose for visiting Earth is to bring a variety of messages from the Gods and other deities.

For this reason, it is believed that Kachina dolls bring very good luck and fortune when they visit, so in turn, it is also believed that the Kachina Dolls created to pay tribute to them are also good luck charms, too.

To follow, Kachinas (which are also spelled as “katsinas”) are very small, human-like creatures that are typically designed to pay tribute to a specific Native Indian God or deity. For this reason, it is very common for Kachina dolls to feature very large heads, long, cascading arms, and slim, slender legs. 

In addition to these common characteristics, Kachina dolls are also usually portrayed as having hair that is made out of feathers, colorful costumes as their dress, and they will usually be holding a variety of ceremonial items specifically related to the God or deity that the doll is paying tribute to.

To summarize the above, Kachinas are usually very small, handcrafted figurines that will usually depict a variety of different gods, animals, or other supernatural beings – such as deities. 

For this reason, they are typically dressed wearing feathers, beads, and bright colors, and will usually be depicted holding a variety of different ceremonial objects in honor of both Native Indian culture and the deity or God that the Kachina doll is paying homage to. 

Though Kachina dolls were originally created by the Pueblo people (mostly women and children), in the present day, they are crafted all over the world by people who want to celebrate and pay their respect to the kachina spirits, as well as to American Indian culture. 

Are Kachina Dolls Valuable?

In Native American culture, Kachina dolls are very valuable because not only do they represent their heritage, but they also symbolize sacred Gods and deities. Alongside this, Kachina dolls are also very valuable to Native American people because they represent the belief that all things have a life force. 

Due to this, it should come as no surprise to hear that, in the modern-day, authentic Kachina dolls are one of the most valuable pieces of Native American art – which is why they are featured in many different American Indian museums across the globe. 

In addition, even though Kachina dolls were not originally created for any monetary gain, it is worth noting that the majority of Kachina dolls made from the 20th century onwards are typically made to be put on the market, and usually consist of the same materials originally used (wood, clay) as well as feature beads, paint, and beads in keeping with the traditional method of decorating them. 

Final Thoughts

Now that you have taken the time to read through this guide, we’re hoping that you’re now much more confident about what Kachina dolls are – as well as their origins, what they mean, and how they are made. 

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