What To Do In Walla Walla?

If you’re planning a visit to the popular Walla Walla area of Washington, you won’t be disappointed. Positioned in the southeastern part of Washington, Walla Walla exists amongst the spectacular hills of the Blue Mountains and has a wealth of things to do and places to visit. 

The Walla Walla Valley has been recognized for its agricultural context, specifically Walla grapes and onions. The area boasts over 150 wineries, which is the highest in all of Washington.

What To Do In Walla Walla

In addition to having wonderful wineries, Walla Walla has a rich cultural history as well as an energetic and buzzing vibe. It is packed full of amazing restaurants, museums, shops, art exhibitions and much more. Whatever your interests, Walla Walla will have something for you.

Let’s look at some awesome things to do during your visit.

What To Do In Walla Walla?

Visit Woodward Canyon Winery 

This award-winning winery is a must for wine lovers. Enjoy a walk around the grounds and book in for a wine tasting session.

The gorgeous farmhouse dates back to the 1870s and is a cozy place to visit. Pick up some unique and high-quality wine to enjoy when you’re back at base. 

Whitman Mission National Historic Site 

If you enjoy discovering historical details about the places you visit, then the Whitman Mission is worth a trip. It tells the story of the Whitman’s who arrived in Walla  Walla in 1837 in an attempt to spread Christianity to the residents.

The mission failed to respect local customs, and distrust spread throughout the area. When new settlers arrived, measles was introduced to the area and killed almost half the population of the local people. By 1847 violence was rife, and many people were killed. 

You can go on a self-guided tour around the grounds and visit the mission house. The tour is quite long, so expect to stay there 3-4 hours to enjoy the full experience. 

Stroll Through the Town 

For a relaxing afternoon, why not take a walk through the gorgeous Walla Walla town and wander around some unique stores, many of which have been there for decades serving the local community. 

The shop ‘Bright Candies’  has been serving customers since 1934 and is the perfect place to pick up a gift for a loved one or treat yourself to a lovely sweet treat. 

The town also has some lovely toy shops for the kids to enjoy, as well as popular arts and craft stalls. There is also a farmer’s market where you can purchase some tasty local produce for cooking up some culinary delights at the end of the day. 

Lunch At the Bread Company

Sticking to the foodie themes, if all that shopping has made you peckish, then why not enjoy lunch as the popular bread company. Enjoy the best bread, pastries, and tarts in town from the baker, Michele Pompei.

With lots of menu choices, you’ll be heading back the next day to try some more mouthwatering creations. 

Fort Walla Walla Museum 

Back to Walla Walla history, this museum shouldn’t be missed. The pioneer village is home to 17 structures that date back to the 1850s. 

The beautiful gardens are perfect for a summers’ day picnic, and the museum is an educational experience for all. Inside the museum are five exhibition halls where you can look at thousands of artifacts from times past. 

The old fort often has presentations and activities that will appeal to the whole family. Furthermore, there are classic crafts and traditional gifts to purchase from the museum’s shop. 

Thursday Night Light Concert

‘Eternal wine’ is another local vineyard and popular with the community. Winemaker and owner, Brad Binko is proud of his wines and hosts a concert every Thursday night. It’s quite a spectacular evening with local bands playing food trucks a plenty. It’s free to attend, and you’re guaranteed to have a great time at a fantastic venue. 

Walla Walla Symphony 

Classical music lovers will love the Tuesday evening symphony. They run weekly and monthly events and are well worth a visit for a cultural treat. 

Breakfast at Maple Counter 

Lunch At The Bread Company

If you are planning a full day of activity then you’ll need a good filling breakfast. You can’t beat a brekkie at Maple Counter. All meals are made from scratch, and they offer delicious waffles, pastries, flapjacks, pancakes and much, much more. 

As well as the glorious food, the café is beautifully decorated with unique animal-based artwork and natural interiors. You may never want to leave. 

Hire Electric Bikes 

To make the most of your visit to Walla Walla, why not hire electric bikes to cover more ground. Not only will you see more of the area, but you’ll also get some exercise too (as long as you pedal sometimes). 

If you want to see a selection of the many vineyards, then cycling is a great option. The vineyards cover a huge amount of ground and walking them is challenging. Ask a local where you can hire bikes and consider it for the ultimate day out. 

Ski Blue Wood 

A short distance from central Walla Walla is a ski area deep in the mountains. If you’re new to skiing then you can book some lessons or if you’re a seasoned ski expert then why not hire some skis and whiz your way down the Bluewood mountains. A remarkable and breathtaking experience not to be missed. 

It’ll take just over an hour to get to the ski center. You won’t need to worry about food as at base camp there is a great restaurant and pub for refuelling after a day on the slopes. There is even a snack yurt at the top of the main lift if you get peckish midway through your session. 

Wine Valley Golf Club 

If you’re travelling with family and fancy some ‘time out’ then for the golf enthusiasts there is a solution. Yes, the wine valley golf club. A premier gold club with spectacular views across the valley and the Blue mountains. 

The club offers special rates on a weekly basis, and you can even grab a bite to eat if you fancy spending the day. Perfect! 

With lots to do and places to visit, you sure won’t be bored on your trip to Walla Walla.